Free download : Shark! Hunting the Great White

Dive into a world of excitement, where danger lurks in every shadow and you are both the hunter and the hunted. Enter the world of the Great White Shark! Take hold of any of 9 powerful underwater weapons, then strap on any of 9 equipment items including air tanks, various high tech fins and choose from several wet or dry suits. You'll need the best gear you can find to make it through these waters.

Shark! Hunting the Great White features more than eight of the most ferocious and deadly predators that ever stalked the seas, including the awesome Great White, the Tiger Shark, the Great Hammerhead, and many more. On your quest, you'll swim through seas filled with life, such as whales, turtles, dolphins, and many kinds of fish.

This first-person hunting game takes players underwater after eight types of sharks, including the infamous great white.


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