Free PC Game : FallOut Tactics

"One Of The Best Games Ever!!!" This game is one of the best tactical games ever made, it combines rpg, turnbased, shooter, strategy, all into one perfect game, okay maybe not perfect, but it's a good game. Enjoy reading this review, and hope you decide to buy it.

Story-Line: You are working for The Brotherhood, your job is to go around, and try to influence people to join, but to do that you will have to fight some fearsome opponents, bosses, and other mysterious creatures that lurk around. Overall Story-Line Rating: 10/10

Oh man, what can I say, this game has one of the best graphics out there, the guns, the people, the animals, the creatures, the environment, the vehicles, etc., they all look pretty real, and feels like your there. The blood and gore also looks real, that's why it's rated M. Overall Graphics Rating: 10/10

Gameplay: The Gameplay is superb, like I said earlier, everything is realistic, with numerous of things you can acquire, like guns, bombs, repair kits, food, and tons of more stuff, you can usually get these things off of the people you kill. You can even gain levels, and can choose skills to learn to make an ultimate warrior, just hope you choose the right one. You can also trade with The Brotherhood, or go find merchants to get stuff even cheaper. There are numerous of places you go, and challenging jobs that need to be performed, and you even get to drive vehicles in later missions, and there pretty fun. There are also secret areas that will have...oh wait, you'll have to buy the game to find out. I almost forgot about internet play. Oh, the possibilities, interact with fellow players, and learn to perfect your skills. Overall Gameplay Rating: 10/10

Sound/Music: The sound is amazing just like every other aspect of this game. When you start up the ''Vehicles'' they sound just like the real thing, you'd think you were really driving. The weapon sounds are as realistic as it can get, and when you shoot something thats alive and you listen closely enough, you can even hear some blood splatter. Now thats what I call sound. Sound/Music Rating: 10/10


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