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From Delphine, the team responsible for some of the best adventure games of all time (Future Wars, Operation Stealth), comes an RPG which at first glance appears to be nothing remotely special. Start the game in a village, wander outside, jump in a dungeon, hit things on the head (or chuck spells at them), go back to the village, restock, and repeat to fade.

Not the stuff that RPG classics are made of, but it gets better. All the game's characters have special skill-sets that really affect how you play. Magic-users can recharge mana, fighters have special abilities to get round traps and locks etc - there's a huge amount of skills to choose from. And the spells comprise an almost endless list of offensive and attack spells.

monster-dispensing prevails, and it does get repetitive, particularly when you've found the exit to the next level and know you'll miss something if you don't search the whole dungeon. so laborious map-covering is needed. The interface is a little clumsy too, with simple things like moving your character round to face the right direction before they get wasted by an oncoming horde sometimes proving unnecessarily difficult. But these are minor flaws in an otherwise entertaining game. With so many skills and spells to choose from, Darkstone offers a predictable but enjoyable journey through a reasonably attractBut what about the game? Well, it's pretty standard stuff really, dungeon-searching andive landscape, and you can hardly ask for much more than that. Oh, and the box is nice.


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