Free download pc game : Journey to the Center of the Earth

Ariane, a young photographer, working for a big travel magazine, takes pictures from a bird's-eye view of Iceland. The helicopter flies upon volcano Sneffles, a heavy whirlwind shakes it: Ariane falls down from the machine, before the latter shatters on the surface about ten meters further.

The young woman rolls and lands in a torrent that plunges into the crack in the earth. She is carried away with the stream and finishes her race on a beach, in the " centre of the Earth ".

She will discover a lost world where two civilizations, once very developed, are striving to survive. This incredibly beautiful universe hides a terrible secrete which Ariane will discover very soon…

* High polygonal graphics
* stunningly beautiful 4 ground-worlds and 4 underground worlds:
* Hours and hours of challenging and immersive game play
* A variety of challenging puzzles set in different fantasy environments.
* many intriguing characters to interact with


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