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Welcome to the Mysterious island! Are you feeling a bit Mystified? Does everything seem all Mysty? Are you thinking you might have Myst something? Well, you've come to the right place for help. Myst: The Official Strategy Guide Revised and Expanded Edition is the #1 bestselling, ultimate, authoritative source for answers and information about Myst Island and the Ages of Myst. Also included; Riven: The Official Strategy Guide. This book before you is a powerful tome--make it serve you to find Gehn, free Catherine, and rescue Riven's natives before it's too late. Get Riven: The Official Strategy Guide.

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Wilkinson Sean said...

Thanks for visiting the Unexplainable isle! Are you feeling a little Mystified? Will every little thing seem all Mysty? Have you been pondering it's likely you have Myst something?
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