FREE DOWNLOAD GAME : Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project

The Duke is back, in classic form. Though the definitively macho hero first came to life for many gamers in the ebullient Duke Nukem 3D, the original Duke Nukem game was a more simple 2D shooter. Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is a return to those roots. Though presented in three dimensions full of high-poly characters, rich textures, and realistic lighting, this 2002 release was developed by Sunstorm Interactive to play like a traditional action-packed side-scrolling shooter.

An uncomplicated control scheme suits the straightforward gameplay. Duke battles his way down the linear platform paths with characteristic panache, spouting aggressive one-liners of questionable taste, keeping an eye open for hot babes and blasting through an abundant assortment of baddies with an arsenal of overly ambitious weaponry. At the end of each mission level, a status screen lists important statistics such as number of kills and secrets discovered.


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