FREE PC GAME : Mosaic - Tomb Of Mystery

Mosaic: Tomb Of Mystery - looks like an award winner to me! The graphics - stunning, well balanced, original, extreme care to detail, detailed, too 3 dimensional to be on a screen. The game play - original, interesting, challeging, twisting, multifaceted, educational, compelling, award winning caliber, a whole lot of fun, suitable for all ages, suitable for mild or intense play. The sound is excellent as expected. It's part of a family of games, that you know, you can play for hours -or- off and on for years, without ever getting sick of the music. As a parent, that raised a kid with game systems, I know most tunes will drive you batty after a few months. I've never had a problem with music or sound effects from Reflexive games. Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery game demo, shows you instantly why Reflexive wins awards every time they make a game. I knew there was something special to be released, because, their tenth year anniversary getting closer. This game explains all the reason's I went to Reflexive Entertainment, when I decided to do game reviews instead of ghost writing technical reports. Whereas, I am not a professional reviewer, yet, this would be the sort of break a newbie to the game reviewing genre of writing could want. There, could easily be a monthly article just on this game alone!!!!! I'm going to play it a lot. I stopped the demo, so I could buy it. It was an easy decision.

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