Free PC game : Hitman: Codename 47

It's hard to deny the appeal of Hitman: Codename 47. What action fan hasn't wanted to slip into the suit of a diamond-hard assassin-for-hire equally adept at both stealthy hits and all-out assaults? Hitman certainly provides you with the tools of the trade, offering everything from piano wire and silenced pistols to bull-pup submachine guns and predator-style miniguns. It also lets you perform many of the tricks of the trade, like stealing your enemy's clothes and dragging bodies away so roving patrols won't stumble onto them and get curious. Unfortunately, heavily scripted level design and some fairly dumb enemies get in the way of the fun, forcing players to rely more on memorization than quick reactions. Be prepared to play each level several times just to figure out exactly how to accomplish your objectives, and several times after that to successfully carry them out.

At least there was a lot to look at as we repeated each level. Hitman has some of the most beautiful graphics ever placed in a game of this type and the rendering engine can depict both lush outdoor environments and near-photographic-quality interiors. The audio is equally splendid, and after some practice you can tell what an enemy is firing simply by listening to the weapon's report. If the gameplay equaled the audio-visual quality, we'd have a classic on our hands, but as it stands Hitman plays more like a puzzle game where you have to guess what the designers wanted you to do.


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