I quite like Yu-Gi-Oh! That is to say, I've watched the TV show a few times, on one occasion to the bitter end. It's passable kids entertainment - not in the same league as Angry Beavers perhaps - but more than watchable when cradling a cup of tea and a hangover. Which is more than can be said for Beyblade.

Not that I'm an expert in such shows, but having mentioned my Saturday morning viewing habits to the team at PC ZONE, it appears I have unwittingly been designated its official 'card combat' specialist. It could be worse, believe me.

The Revenge is actually the second title in the fledgling PC series, and like the previous Yugi The Destiny, it plays an authentic game of what can only be described as Top Trumps meets conkers. The idea is to take hit points off your foe by playing monster cards, which do all the damage, while spell and trap cards add various modifiers or switches. This title, while a standalone, mainly serves the purpose of adding 300 new cards and a range of new combos to the game. It works fine as these things go, and the basic graphics and interface do the job adequately.

Needless to say, the kids will love it, but for most it'll probably just add up to impenetrable rubbish. If there were a decent multiplayer mode it would perhaps be more worthwhile, but sadly there isn't even a shit one. And since the AI opponent spouts the same dialogue over and over, the whole game gets tiresome very quickly.


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