FREE DOWNLOAD PC GAME : The Backyardigans Mission to Mars - Free PC game

New little kids game released by group TiNYiSO. This game it’s for young kids.

Calling all astronauts! When Tyrone and Tasha receive a strange signal at Mission Control, Commander Uniqua needs you to suit up with her, Science Officer Pablo, and Equipment Specialist Austin for their mission to Mars! Help pilot the shuttle, race through a meteor shower, explore underground Martian caves, collect space gems, and more in an out-of-this-world adventure with The Backyardigans!

10 Fun-filled challenging games including:

* Lift-Off!
* Zero Gravity
* Shuttle Control
* Meteor Shower
* A-maze-ing Caves
* Cliff Walk
* Martian River Float
* Hide-and-Seek
* Mission Accomplished Music!
* Analysis Machine

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