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Activision and Raven Software have teamed up to present an expansion pack for the highly successful first-person-shooter title, Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force. The program does not really expand upon the single player game, nor does it correct some of the very minor graphical problems of the original, but what it does bring to play is an expanded multiplayer arena, and the vocal talents of Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine. Ok, there are two new single player missions, a Captain Proton adventure, an assault on a Klingon compound – both of these are accessed through the holodeck, and a Virtual Voyager tour (in which you can meander through the starship, get lost, interact with some of the characters, but accomplish very little in terms of exciting adventure).
When it comes to the holodeck, single player add-ons, neither has the depth of play that the original title boasted. They are high-action shooter missions, but both seem a little hollow when compared to the original title.
For the uninitiated, Captain Proton was Tom Paris’ holodeck alter ego, and the whole level is based on a 1950s pulp science fiction “Buck Rogers’ type of thing. Yep, this holodeck adventure is done in black and white.

The multiplayer expansion is much better, offering up 21 new maps, 12 new character models and five new games – Assimilation, Specialties, Disintegration, Elimination and Action Hero.
Assimilation is a team-based game with one side taking on the role of the Borg. Bet you can guess the goal. The game is a lot more fun if not playing on the Borg side. Specialties has you select a certain aspect of character, such as medic, which determines your role in the team firefight. Disintegration is one of the higher paced games. Everyone gets sniper rifles, and it only takes one shot to kill the opposition.

In these multiplayer modes, you can re-spawn characters and jump back into the fray (of course, re-spawning in Assimilation means coming back as Borg), but that is not the case with Elimination. Once dead, you sit out the rest of the battle. Action Hero is a deathmatch with one character holding all the weapons and health points. Kill him and you earn valuable frag points and eventually level up to the role of the Action Hero (a.k.a. target).

If you have ever played Quake III Team Arena, then you will know precisely what you are in for in the multiplayer scenarios. Yes, the new locales are very nice, but you really don’t have time to admire the scenery when you are dodging, crouching, jumping, blasting and generally up to your neck in mayhem.

For those who have never seen the original game (which you will need if you have designs on purchasing this expansion pack), Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force was a fast-paced FPS with a storyline that seemed to come right out of the Star Trek universe. The Voyager had encountered a ship, which was blasting away at it. When Voyager destroyed it, the ship is transported to a ship graveyard. At the heart of the graveyard is a giant structure transmitting a dampening field. Voyager is unable to repair damage, or even move until it destroys the Forge, which is emitting the dampening field. But information is developed slowly, and there are plenty of alien threats to overcome.

That program was a terrific blend of well-rendered graphics, solid plot, and action, action, action. By comparison, the expansion pack doesn’t quite measure up to those high standards. Yes, it gives players a few more adventures aboard Voyager, and expands the multiplayer game, and that – by the nature of the term – is what an expansion pack is supposed to do, expand the game. It just doesn’t go far enough. The single player modes don’t expand the original storyline, and the multiplayer options merely allow players Q3 Team Arena-style action with a flavoring of the Star Trek universe.


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