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Tarr Chronicles is a space-action game with strong RPG elements. Alongside his comrades, the player will experience all the trials and suffering of people lost in the murky reaches of space. Only the strongest will make the impossible happen and return to their homeworld.

Expect interesting, exciting, original and diverse missions, thrilling and intriguing cinematics, dynamic space combat and dizzying flights which will make your heart race - all this in a stunningly beautiful and tragic universe. It is impossible to convey the atmosphere with mere words - it's something you have to experience for yourself. You are not going to simply play the game; you will become a part of this world.

Despite Tarr Chronicles already being published in Europe earlier this year with the subtitle Sign of Ghosts, publisher Paradox Interactive put n effort into cleaning the game up for the English-speaking marketplace. This isn't the usual Russian game with garbled adjectives and no concept of how to properly use pronouns, though. On the contrary, the game's grammar is generally pretty good as far as these Russian translations go. Most of the words seem to be in the right place. But they often don't make any sense. So you get surreal descriptions like the one calling one race of creatures "anisotropic" and "multiplied in Mirrors and antiquantums." Um, yeah. Unintentionally funny phrases litter the text, too. Good luck keeping a straight face when you're assaulted by lines like "The Executioner got us all out. Like puppies from a boiling cauldron." Sorry, but, uh, yuck.




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